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PPC Management | Serving Chicago And Its Suburbs

Google and Bing Advertising

Optimize your ads for better conversion and reduced PPC rates.  You pay only when your ads are clicked.

PPC management services for Chicago small businesses

For instance, there may be situations where you may not know whether you get potential leads from a particular location(s) or for a certain keyword term(s). In such cases, if you have the budget for a paid search, it is better to advertise in that location for those keyword term(s). Based on the results, we can understand whether a particular keyword term works for that location. This information helps us to target those keywords organically (free search) and reduce the AdWords spending over the period. This way you don’t spend time and money on keywords on free search that do not have any value towards lead generation or conversions. If you are looking for paid advertising, then it is wise to spend money on optimizing your ads frequently, based on the results. Better PPC optimized landing pages, which bring good quality scores to reduce the pay-per-click rates. This way you can bring down the total cost per lead. Also over a period, you overall paid advertising cost reduces significantly.

What is Pay-Per-Click?

Your ads displayed for free in the search engines, and charged only if the ads gets clicked. PPC is also known as Google Adwords or Bing Ads from the major search engines.

How Google Adwords/Bing Ads campaign can complement the SEO work for effective results?

You can quickly learn how many people are looking for your services or products in your target location, by creating a Google Adwords/Bing Ads campaign. The campaign results will help understand whether it is actually worth targeting for that service in that location. This approach will save you time and money by reducing the effort in targeting for the unpaid search listing of those services in that location.

How do we do?

We perform the below PPC activities to gain the maximum return from your paid campaign investments:

  • Creating an efficient PPC campaign and management
  • PPC keyword research
  • Create high converting PPC landing pages for each keyword category
  • Optimizing landing pages to gain good quality score and hence lower PPC rates
  • Call to action on the PPC landing pages
  • Call tracking and reporting of the campaign performance
  • Based on the campaign performance, re-tweaking the campaign for better results

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