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Our Proprietary Lead Tracking Tool | ZonoTech

Understand your return on investment (ROI) from our lead tracking reports

Lead Tracking

Keep track on your leads that you acquired through search marketing


How do you find the number of leads you acquired from the search marketing work that we did for you? This information will help you to calculate the return-of-investment from the search marketing spending. Our proprietary tool has a feature where you can learn more about the lead tracking information.


Why we need to track the results?

If we don’t track the results, you don’t know what is working for your business. By the tracking the leads,

  • You will be able to determine how much value you get out of our services.
  • If your overall marketing campaign involves multi-channels like print, radio or TV, etc., in addition to online marketing, then you can differentiate the leads from other marketing channels from the online marketing channel.

What do we track to gain the results?

We track below doorways that your leads can contact you from the website,

  • Phone call
  • Contact us page
  • Email

How do we report the results to you?

Our monthly report will indicate how many phone calls or emails that you received through your website. Sometimes conversions are not always getting phone calls or emails, it can be like visitors downloading white paper, case study, eBooks or registering with your website. We also report this information (for example, how many people downloaded case study from what page) to you along with the other conversion types.