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Your online business reputation management | ZonoTech

Don’t just leave bad reviews to ruin your business

Stay informed on what your customers are saying about your business online


Reputation Management

How easily you can monitor your business online reputation?

An increasing number of users are searching online not only for the services you offer, but also to understand the trustworthiness of your business. Online reviews serve as a major factor in creating trust in your business online. Bad reviews can have a negative effect on your business if you don’t respond or take some action towards. However, It is impractical for you to peruse numerous search directories every day to check if your business got any bad reviews. Don’t you think it will be more helpful, if you can be alerted when a bad review appears in these directories for your business?

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get” and this is particularly true of reviews. You may have delivered a good service or sold a great product, but if you don’t specifically ask your customers to review your business or product, then the possibility of getting a voluntary review is very lean. Our reputation management feature under the proprietary tool will help you to gain more reviews sand will alert you to any negative review.

Why you need to monitor the online reputation of your business?

Not only for local small businesses, but for any business, reviews are important. In today’s world, people try to search online to find about you and your business. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, would you buy a product or service when there are many bad reviews and there are no responses to those reviews? The answer is most likely “No.”

You need to watch what your customers are saying about your business, in order to improve your services or product quality as well as to take responsibility for bad reviews and try to get the issues resolved.

Why you need to request for the reviews?

After working with small business owners, we have learned that many small business owners think it is safe not to get or request any reviews. What happens if your competitor offering similar services or products has reviews online? Your prospective customers are more likely to favor them, and you lose business. There is nothing wrong in asking your customer to review your product or services. If you think customers will voluntarily leave a review if they like your services or products, then you have to re-validate your thoughts. You don’t need to ask them to write just the good reviews, but you can simply request to or leave a feedback on your services or products.

Online “Word Of Mouth” Referrals

People buy from a business if they know people already bought your product or services.  Traditional word of mouth referrals still works effectively.  Your online reputation is equivalent to the traditional word of mouth referrals in the online arena.  When they search for your services or your brand or just your name, and these reviews appear, it increases the chances of that prospect getting converted into your lead.

How our proprietary tool can help you with your business online reputation?

  • Our proprietary tool captures all the reviews for your business in online from the major directories. Now you got all reviews in one place for you to keep an eye on it.
  • You can send the request review email to your customers requesting reviews. Use the customized pre-defined request review templates to send an email in just one click.
  • You can choose the directory which you want your customer to leave the reviews.  This is more beneficial because you can choose the directory based on your customer login credentials, like email Id or Facebook or Twitter account.  In this way, your customer need not to create an account to leave the reviews.  Most of them will not create a new account to leave a review and you may lose the opportunity of getting reviews from potential customers.
  • You can track the click or open rates for each review request email sent.
  • Email notification when there is a negative review. You are alerted on the bad review, and you can respond immediate. While any negative review is bad, having one with no response makes it worse, when it comes to online reputation.