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Traffic & Conversion Reporting Tool | ZonoTech

Understand your website traffic and conversions easily

Using our proprietary real-time dashboard and graphs


Analytics Dashboard

Understand your website traffic and conversion metrics easily

Our interactive proprietary tool has the graphs that will help you to understand the conversions from the traffic you receive. You can understand the locations, keywords (provided search engines reveal keywords), referral websites driving traffic or conversions to your website. If you want to learn more detailed traffic details for last several months, we can provide you as a separate on-demand report. You can understand how each service page has performed based on the hits it has received.


Why did we build our proprietary analytics tool, when we have Google analytics tool?

Google analytics tool is great, but too complicated for small businesses. Google analytics has tons of features, which makes it great for big corporations. When it comes to the small business like you, we want to provide you with the necessary information that is also easy to understand.

More significantly, we provide you real timeltime website traffic and conversion details. The traffic and conversion metrics are represented by graphs that are easy to understand. Too accommodate your busy schedule, we have built a mobile website. This lets you peek into your website metrics,anywhere, anytime.


Our local small business focussed analytics tool

  • Our proprietary dashboard can indicate the traffic and conversions by location, keywords, referral websites, high traffic generating service pages in easy to understand graphs
  • Total hits and conversions for the last six months
  • Services pages that are driving traffic to your website
  • Easy metrics – Understand the traffic from paid, unpaid and referral traffic
  • Secured website with private access credentials
  • Monthly email report
  • You can justify the ROI (Return Of Investment) from your expenditure for local search marketing