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WordPress Developer - Chicago And Its suburbs

Your website should look as professional as your business.

Otherwise, your online visitors may not trust your business

Chicago WordPress developer for your small business website

Why you need a professional business website?

Do you believe that you need to have a professional business website, if you want to gain potential leads out of your online business presence? If your answer is ‘no,’ then you may need to re-validate your thoughts. Your website is the first place where your online visitors visit to understand your business and learn about your services or products. If your website is not professional, then your online visitors may not trust your business, and you may lose sales or customers.

Why multi-device supported website?

In today’s world, having a professional website is good, but not great until it is supported by multi-devices. Having a website that supports multiple devices is vital for your business. At ZonoTech we design, multi-device supported websites, which renders properly in iPads, Mobile and Desktop.

Benefits of WordPress websites

WordPress websites are flexible from the maintenance perspective and friendly from a search engine perspective. If you want to enhance your website with additional features, there are a variety of WordPress plugins. This is a very cost-effective solution for a local business owner, rather than building those features from scratch. WordPress is a content management system (CMS). It has in-built text editor to help make text changes or upload images/videos easily, without the need for a developer. WordPress has great SEO features like search engine friendly URLs, internal linking and ability to update the search engines whenever there are changes in the website. The WordPress platform stands out when it comes to SEO compared to other platforms.

Why responsive web design is more beneficial for the users as well as search engines?

Responsive web design is designing one website for multiple devices. It is helpful for search engines as well as for the users. Responsive web designed websites will have one URL for both desktop and mobile versions. Search engines love one URL because now they need to crawl only one website. From user’s perspective, they will have the same experience in both desktop and mobile versions.

On the other hand, you can design separate mobile websites. Apart from the dislike from search engines and users, it is not cost effective. You have to pay a separate price for a mobile website design and maintenance. Mobile website needs to be changed separately, whenever there is a change in the desktop version.


Our WordPress business websites includebelow features,

  • Responsive Web Design Responsive web design is designing one-website and supported on multiple devices. Responsive websites supported on iPads, iPhone, Android and Desktops
  • Multi browser support Supports all latest versions of most popular web browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE
  • Usability Better accessibility to all of your business service pages
  • Better design Gone are the days when lots of graphics meant great design. With the advent of search engines, great design is trying to optimize a website for better search engine crawling, website architecture for better usability, performance, images that convey messages and equipped with features for better conversions.

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